What is Kawara-buki ?

Our artisans not only produce
the tiles but also install them.

Kawara-buki is the process of installing kawara (roof tiles) on roof. At Koyo Ibushi, we not only manufacture and sell tiles but also take care of installation, as a general rule. For us, there is no identical roof and the adjustment is needed for each roof. Price of our tiles are more expensive than the ones distributed generally but we guarantee the quality and the service. The Ibushi tiles is said to keep its brilliant Ibushi silver for 50 years even without maintenance.

Performance of Kawara roof and what it can offer

  • Durability

    Kawara is less likely to change its color due to acid rain or ultraviolet rain, and better in durability compared to other roof tiles.

  • Fire resistance

    Generally Kawara is baked at more than 950℃ but at Koyo Seiga, we bake at 1165℃. As a result, our tiles have high fire control performance and prevents catching fire from roof.

  • Sound insulation

    Kawara insulates the sound such as rain pattering the roof or noise of cars.

  • Comfortableness

    As heat transfer of kawara is low, it is effective to shut out heat. As a result, kawara roof keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Koyo Kawara