Koyo Kawara

One of the best quality Japanese traditional tile

Our tile is known to be one of the best among many different types of roof tiles. Cement tile,slate tile, metal tiles are popular for their affordable price but ceramic tiles made from clay are said to have better durability. Among the ceramic tiles, Ibushi tiles are said to have better quality than glazed ceramic tiles. Koyo tiles are Ibushi tiles so smoking is applied at the last process of the production. By applying the carbon film (Ibushi Silver) on the surface of roof tiles, the unique color and luster of Ibushi Silver is obtained. Ibushi tiles are not only excellent in design and durability but also have function to keep people comfortable. While letting out the humidity from inside, it does not let big molecule such as rain and function as a high-tech rain wear to keep the inside comfortable. Our Koyo tiles are used by shrine, temple to general housings.